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Privacy Policy

This notice describes how Nodi collects and uses data about you.


Nodi is owned by Masatatsu Nakamura, based in Tokyo - Japan. (referred to as "I", "Me", "Our" or "We"). As a customer of this service you're a "User" or "You" according to this policy. The applications or any services offered by us will be referred to as "Nodi", "App", "Website" or "Service".

How does Nodi collect data about me?#

Nodi collects data about you:

  • when you browse the Nodi website,​
  • when you create an Nodi account or update your account
  • when you send support, privacy, legal, and other requests to us
  • when working with and researching current and potential customers
  • when you post topics or comments on the nodi forum​

When researching potential customers, we sometimes search the public World Wide Web or paid business databases. Otherwise, we don't buy or receive data about you from data brokers or other private services.

Where does Nodi keep data about me?#

Nodi stores account data, note data, data about website use, and plugins on servers in the United States of America. I sometimes retrieve those data to my personal computers in Japan. I use the data to develop, debug and maintain the service. The data is erased from my computers when no longer needed.

Does Nodi share data about me with others?#

Nodi shares account data with others as mentioned in the section about account data.

Nodi does not sell information about you to others. However, Nodi uses services provided by other companies to provide Nodi service. Some of those services may collect data about you independently, for their own purposes. All of the companies are based in the United States.

Some of these services may be used to collect information about your online activities across different websites.

Nodi uses Google Analytics.#

Nodi's website uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze data about visitors to its websites. You can read the privacy policy for Google Analytics online. You can opt out of Google Analytics by installing a free browser extension.

Does Nodi make automated decisions based on data about me?#

No. Nodi does not use your data for personalization or retargeting purposes.

Who can I contact about Nodi and my privacy?#

You can send questions or complaints to: